Homepage of Stasys Jukna

I hail from Lithuania.
My research interests lie between mathematics and computer science.
I am mainly interested in proving lower bounds on computational complexity of concrete problems.
Most of my papers are available on-line.
My collection of links.

I have also written several books, the last one with Igor Sergeev. Click on the images to visit their home pages:


What interesting happened during my stay in Frankfurt:
         Ben Rossman's visit (2013)
         Mario Szegedy's visit (2010)
         Sasha Razborov's visit (2002)
         my student, Matthias Krieger, has written an interesting paper on monotone circuits.

I serve on editorial teams of:
         Lithuanian Mathematical Journal
         Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
My work is/was supported by:
   and       and   

Universität Frankfurt, Institut für Informatik, Lst. Theoretische Informatik, Postfach 11 19 32, Robert-Mayer Str.11-15, D-60054 Frankfurt am Main

Please do NOT use my old address "jukna@thi.informatik ..." to reliably reach me (too much spam there).